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I would like to share a few things about my host family. First of all, they are great! From the beginning of the year we have had a complete understanding, and it's a great feeling to know that they really trust you. I have done my best to please them and share some things from my native land...
Miika, from Finland

I love my host family. I feel like one of the family. It is a wonderful feeling to be so easily accepted. I have celebrated many wonderful holidays with my host family. I loved Thanksgiving, especially the turkey! Christmas was nice also, and Halloween was the best!
Carole, from Switzerland

My host family is very nice. It's just a host mom (she's divorced) and a host sister who is 14. I love them very much--they are the perfect family for me!
Sibylle, from Germany

I am so thankful for my host family. I love them, they are my parents in the USA for six months but they will be in my heart forever. I want to thank you for this wonderful experience that you made possible, it is something I am going to keep for my whole life.
Fernanda, from Brazil

My host family is wonderful--they're the best of all possible families! I just have two parents, in their sixties. They have lots of grandchildren who come to visit. I think this exchange year is a great cultural experience!
Jean-Sebastien, from Switzerland

My host family is very nice with lots of kids. I have four little sisters. My host Mom stays home and my Dad is a doctor. I have met a lot of good friends through my host family, for example the babysitters that watch my little sisters. They are a fun family to live with!
Ana, from Spain

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